Engagement Event Action Plan

Task list from Curling Club engagement event





Co-ordinate marketing activities

Recruit Development Officer

Development Officer recruited November 2017 in pilot project for 4 months


Create marketing strategy

Scoping of potential opportunities to market and promote Curling in Ayrshire. Draft strategy complete


Improve advertising/publicity

  • Events listed on facebook and invites sent, events pushed increasing exposure to over 4000 people,
  • Inclusion of junior club dates and Come and Try/lessons on Ayrshire council website
  • Leaflets distributed for Try Curling and corporate events
  • Links to Ayr website from Scottish Curling and #lovecurling


Attract new curlers

Approach organisations/clubs

  • 144 people attended Come and Try sessons this season,
  • Curlfest attracted over 80 people to Try Curling
  • Virtual club membership increased from 2 to 10 people
  • Brownie pack attended session
  • Scout pack attended
  • Youth group attended
  • 70 children attended for Sportability Day


  • Exploring curling inclusivity and curling for all- met with Scottish Curling disbality officer and workforce officer to develop a plan for Ayr going forward


Upgrade facilities

Refurbishment Plan

 Working with Ayrshire Curlers to develop refurb for club and lounge- summer refurb plan developed


Use 1 notice board

3 notice boards condensed into 1 to improve new dissemination


Install viewing cameras

Fundraising to start season 2018/19


Improve signposting internal and external

  • External Icerink sign installed on main road
  • Internal signs from downstairs ice sheet to direct curlers to changing facilities and lounge area



Engage with clubs

Hold engagement event

Future of curling event held-report available


Club improvement plan

Request sent out to curling clubs at Ayr to identify 3 things individual clubs will do to attract new members this season

Engage with curlers

Play different rules to spice the game up

Opportunities scoped to lay different versions of the game resulting in

  • A new bonspiel-mixed pairs competition
  • ‘Rock the house’ rules played at Highlander Bonspiel


Funding for initiatives

Financial plan


Improvement workshops/lessons netting income of £1000 this season


Funding grants applied for from 3 sources to support development of

  • Development Officer with Disabilities officer role
  • Coaching volunteer resource
  • After School Club for children with disabilities