22 Nov

Try Curling and Drop In Improvers (3)

22 Nov

Ayrshire Parish Trophy

23 Nov

Watson Trophy
Ladies aged 50+ - Individual Entry

24 Nov

Inter-City Hamilton v Ayr
Mixed Entry



The members of the Development Group and their specific responsibilities are as follows :

Euan Lawrence : Chairman - overall coordination of the Development Group; liaison with Ayrshire Curlers Ltd; liaison with the Royal Club; Corporate Curling

Susan Middleton : Treasurer  - including applications for financial assistance.

Kirsty Letton : Coaching and Coach Development – including Try Curling and the Virtual  Club

Ronnie Peat : Communications and IT – including the new Club website

Robert Boyd : membership, promotion, marketing and recruitment

Jean Morton: Junior Curling Representative

Murray Stevenson:

Jim Boswell : representative of the Board of Ayrshire Curlers Ltd

Andrew Kerr: representative of the Board of Ayrshire Curlers Ltd and Area Rep. RCCC

Contact Details

NameHome TelephoneMobileEmail Address
Euan Lawrence 01292 263427 07712 454 464
Susan Middleton 01290 552374 07921 391 900
Kirsty Letton 01292 319047 07941 126 889
Ronnie Peat 01292 280093 07890 637854
Robert Boyd 01292 541406 07891 717685
Jean Morton 01563 860236  07584 565229
Jim Boswell 01560 322456 07985 279 108
Murray Stevenson   07810 796706

Additional Assistance

The Development Group members listed above are the core team of the Group and rely heavily on other members of Ayr Curling Club to assist them achieve their objectives. Individual sub-groups have been formed for each topic eg Communications and IT; Coaching; Corporate Curling etc. and all members of Ayr Curling Club are encouraged to offer their assistance to the Development Group. The future of Ayr Curling Club and curling in Ayr rests with all Club members and not just the Development Group or the Committee.

Members of Ayr Curling Club are asked to contact any of the above Development Group members with ideas, suggestions or offers of assistance. Such help with be gratefully appreciated.