16 Jan

Tom and Mattie Smillie Quaich v Borders

17 Jan

National Masters Curling Championships

20 Jan

Ayrshire Parish Trophy Semi Final and Final
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22 Jan

Inter City - Agnew Plate v Stranraer


Waldie Griffiths Result
Waldie Griffiths Result

Waldie Griffiths Result

24 Oct 13

Four Teams from Ayrshire Province won a close game against Forth and Endrick Province in the Waldie Griffiths - an RCCC Competition.

Ayrshire were represented by Dundonald, Gangrels, Troon Portland and Galston. The stars of the show were undoubtedly Galston, who scored two 4s and a 5 in the last three ends, to win by 14 shots to 4.  

Given that the final scores resulted in a win for Ayrshire by 31 shots to 27, you can see how we valued Jim Boswell's Rink's heroics.

The final average score of +1 shot per rink will be unlikely to win the trophy, which is contested by matches between all 16 Scottish Provinces.