22 Nov

Watson Trophy
Ladies aged 50+ - Individual Entry

25 Nov

Bell Quaich (sponsored by Anderson Crawford )
Individual Entry

26 Nov

Carrick v Rhins

28 Nov

Maxwell Lockerbie v Ayr
Gents Curling


Morton Trophy Game 1 Result

24 Oct 18

The first game in this year's Morton Trophy is tomorrow afternoon, when Ayr takes on Lockerbie at 2.30.

Tomorrow's teams are:

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Gail Thomson Catherine Eccles Lorna Munro
Clair Johnston Linda McAulay Alison Cunningham
Amy Collins Anne Kerr Anne Anderson
Isla Robison Carol Simpson Jean Morton
Reserves Margaret White Lorna Alexander


4 points on the board for Ayr Ladies with 2 wins and one loss. 
Grateful thanks to participating ladies and to their Lockerbie opponents. 
Delightful start to our campaign!