Ayrshire Curlers Ltd

Report from the Board September 2016

As you start the new season there are a few changes you will have noticed. Firstly, there is now a large barrier at the entrance to the car park. Please try and avoid hitting it as your car will come off worse ! Just before the start of the curling season we arrived one morning to find the car park being used by "travelling people". As anyone with any experience of having dealt with similar situations will tell you, it is extremely difficult to have these people removed but, thankfully, we managed, after having started legal proceedings, to move them on just in time for Opening Day. We would rather not have them back, hence the new barrier - all in all, money which we would have preferred to use elsewhere in the rink.

Secondly, the lounge has been redecorated and some new light fittings installed. We would have liked to replace the ceiling but even without that, hopefully, you will agree that the lounge is now bright and welcoming.

And finally, a cairn of curling stones has been erected at the car park entrance. These stones came from David Smith's house and are a fitting tribute to "The Sheriff".

Changes which you will probably not notice include the provision of heating to the skaters' lounge from the boiler located off the lounge and a new boiler downstairs to provide heating to the downstairs changing area and, specifically, hot water for the kitchen to avoid the costly immersion heater. The girls' toilets downstairs have also been completely refurbished which was long overdue and a new roof installed over the curlers' entrance to cure the water ingress which was becoming a feature of this area !

In addition, we have purchased two new measures, one of which is in use with the other being held in reserve for now to use during Royal Club competitions and we are awaiting delivery of an ice edger - as the name suggests, a piece of kit to cut a channel next to the barriers to avoid the ice banking when the pad is flooded.

As you will see, I hope, the Board has been active over the summer improving the facilities for all our users and these works all come with an associated cost. We have been fortunate to secure a significant grant from South Ayrshire Waste and Environment Trust and are also indebted to the Development Group for assistance towards the ice edger and an anonymous donor who contributed half the cost of the redecoration and the new measures. The Board would have liked to do more and will continue to invest in the facility when it is financially prudent to do so.

We had hoped to have Mark Callan from Kay's of Mauchline along before the start of the season to train ice man Stefan and to give Jim and Liam a refresher course but Mark was called away on Olympic duties. Mark however, was with us earlier in the summer to turn the stones which should give them more of a draw.

On a sadder note, the late summer also saw the passing of Charlie Otterson and Bobby Davidson. Charlie gave many years service to the ice rink and we will miss his knowledge of the plant and building. Bobby had not been with us all that long but was always willing and helpful. Stefan replaced Bobby when we became aware of his illness and was with us last season. Cameron McKinnon has joined us on a part time basis.


Previous Info from Board

The original ice rink in Ayr was sold for redevelopment in the early 1970s and the curlers of that time raised the funds themselves and through public subscription to buy the current site at Limekiln Road. The company formed was Ayrshire Curlers Plc and they converted what was a dog racing track into the ice rink as we know it today.

The current directors are well aware that the facilities require upgrading. The replacement of the ice plant a few years ago was achieved with support from SportScotland but the Board had to match fund this and, effectively, use up the reserves we had.

Today figure skating and ice hockey are financially essential to balance the books and without those sports it is highly unlikely the ice rink could survive.

Repairs are carried out in a prudent manner and, with the excellent support of sponsorship from the curlers and an exceptionally favourable financial arrangement between the World Curling Federation, RCCC and the Board, we have replaced all the stones and are also moving forward to conclude a similar deal for a new Ice Boss.

We would like to do more but it is an old building and there are a great many maintenance issues. The ice staff under Jim McInnes have made great strides to improve the quality of the ice and the Board have arranged for an ice makers course to be held in the Autumn of 2015 when Mark Callan of Kay's will be with our team for a whole week.

The Board are also responsible for running a number of curling competitions, not least of which is the Agricultural Bonspiel and we, obviously, work closely with Ayr Curling Club on any number of matters.

Because the ice rink was originally funded by shareholders there was a concern by SportScotland that any grant aid would find its way into shareholders' pockets. Although no dividend has been paid for many years and an undertaking was given that none would be paid, nevertheless the Board have formed a "not for profit" company, Ayrshire Ice Sports Ltd. It was hoped that this company would be able to achieve charitable status which would assist with future grant applications but this is currently proving difficult to achieve.

Ayrshire Curlers Plc moved from being a Plc (with the illusion that we were a company the size of British Gas) to a Ltd company in 2013 and the current directors are Mrs Liz Goldie who is the Chairman of the Board, James Galloway who is the Managing Director, George Hay, Company Secretary, Mrs Sheila Watson, Mr Gemmill Jack, Mr Jim Boswell and Mr Andrew Kerr.

Ayrshire Ice Sports Ltd has three directors from the Board of Ayrshire Curlers Ltd in Mr Andrew Kerr, Mr James Galloway and Mr George Hay.. They are joined by three curling representatives in Mr Billy Howat, Mr Euan Lawrence and Mrs Anne Anderson. It is envisaged, in the fullness of time, that representatives from the figure skating and ice hockey would be invited to join.

All the members of the Boards in both companies are always open to suggestions and advice !